The staff team of H2O Church is made up of men and women who love, care and pray for the students and community at Athens. We love leading a collegiate church together and believe that college students have incredible potential. That is why we take it as a great privilege to lead this community. If you have any questions or would like to talk with us, please feel free to reach out to us!


    pastor & campus director

    Why did you join H2O Staff? I love that I work with some amazing people who love God and love investing in others. I joined the H2O church staff team because of the impact the church had on my life as a student.

    Why did you decide to church plant? My wife and I decided to be a part of this Church plant in Athens because of the opportunity to shine the love of Jesus on an incredible campus and beautiful city.

    Who's your favorite sports team? GO BROWNS!!!


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  • Darryl Phillips

    Director | Pastor

    Why did you join H2O Staff?  I wanted to invest my time and energy in introducing college students to Jesus!

    What do you love about Athens? I love the history, the people, and the beauty of the surrounding area!

    What's a fun fact about you? I've been a wilderness guide since 2002.


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  • caleb Burlile

    Director | Sundays Team Lead | Teaching Team | Seminary liaison

    Why did you join H2O Staff? I saw how important having a good church in college was for me and my growth and I want to give students at OU the same opportunity to grow spiritually.

    What do you love about Athens? It's a beautiful city with people who are very passionate about what they think.

    What's a fun fact about you? I love reading and have over 150 books


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  • Jill BEEBE

    director   I   Operations & Marketing  LEAD   |   H2O NETWORK TEAM LEAD

    Why H2O Staff? There is no other influential time in a person's life greater than when making important life changing decisions solo for the first time. I believe that the leaders and staff have truly sincere hearts to lead students in making the ultimate life decision to follow Jesus Christ.

    What do you love about being on staff?  I love our staff team of visionaries and servants who strive to be culturally relevant while holding steadfast to the timeless teachings of the Bible. As a designer, it is a sweet spot to be creative in while knowing that the work is an effective and necessary tool in our culture to inviting others into this faith community.


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    the well program & campus events lead   I   CAMPUS MISSIONARY

    Why did you join H2O Staff? I came on staff because I saw how big of an impact the women in our church had on my faith as a freshman. Their love and mentoring so clearly demonstrated the Gospel and it encouraged me to pursue my faith with a new passion. I want to help women on our campus fall in love with Jesus and pursue the Lord with new passions. 

    What do you love about Athens? I love that both the campus and the town have so much culture and history. I'm so excited to be part of the town's community while reaching out the campus.

    What's a fun fact about you? I'm a coffee lover and love having people over for a cup. I also collect mugs so most of our friends have a favorite mug at our place.


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  • Josh mcpheron

    groups coordinator & campus missionary

    Why did you join H2O Staff? College is a very challenging place to wrestle with belief. My first semester was extremely hard and I wrestled with some of the hardest questions in Christianity. The Lord taught me so much during that season, especially that I’m not the only one who has had these struggles. There are so many questions about Christianity and I’m excited to help others in college wrestle and come to trust the Lord.

    Why did you decide to church plant? It is one more place where we can share the hope and good news of the Gospel. Athens is full of passionate and lively people and I am thrilled to be able to get to know so many in the city.

    What's a fun fact about you? I love all things superhero and Star Wars related.


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    video team lead & worship Coordinator

    Why did you join H2O Staff? I felt like God was calling me into youth ministry until I got to college when I understood that God was calling me to college ministry instead

    What do you love about Athens? I like its location and it’s campus is really beautiful

    What's an interesting fact about you? I lived in Italy for 5 years


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    community care team lead & campus missionary

    Why did you join H2O Staff?  After a long, hard 4 years at Ohio State, I knew that the ways the Lord had gifted me and written the pages of my story was for me to share that with others and urge them to find their joy and hope in Jesus. I still can't believe that I'm doing this, but I know that the Lord is trustworthy and I'm just here to follow wherever He leads. 

    What do you love about Athens? I love how Athens is a small college town (very different from OSU and Columbus) but also has a huge Appalachian population. Coming from a public health background, I'm excited to meet people who are different than me and learn more about the culture and needs of Athens! I also love the hills and hiking trails. It feels like my adventurous soul is being nurtured even though I'm still living in Ohio!

    What's your favorite show? I'm a sucker for most reality shows, mostly Survivor though, and I also love watching hockey!


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    Campus outreach team & Production Team

    Why did you join H2O Athens? My wife and I have been excited about the vision of making disciples on college campuses because of how we were both impacted and called to follow Jesus through H2O in college. As we prayed about going to Athens in particular, we felt that the Lord was really leading us to go and saw a huge need for reaching Bobcats! 

    What do you love about Athens? The beauty of the campus, the city, and the surroundings!

    What's a fun fact about you? My wife tells me that I laugh at every joke that I tell, I "crack myself up".


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    Why did you join H2O Athens? God really used my life through H2O OSU, and since then I’ve been passionate about college ministry with an excitement for new church plants!

    What do you love most about being on staff? I love that I get to do unconventional things - get coffee with students, hang out on campus playing games and meeting new folks, pray through people’s lives, and overall just walk through life together as a church body. As staffers we get to partner up with the Lord in what He’s doing through students’ lives!

    What do you enjoy doing in your free time? In my free time I enjoy hiking, playing board games, gardening, cooking, and spending time with my husband Bryan


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  • Lee Dubois

    Field Staff

    Why did you join the H2O Athens Team? After living in Europe for 18 years, being trained and working in church planting, we believed God was leading us to move to the US. Our hearts have always been in campus ministry, and when we discovered that our original church in Bowling Green was sending a team to Ohio University to plant a church, it was confirmation from the Lord that He was leading us here.

    What do you enjoy doing in your free-time? If I'm not in the gym, I'm spending time with my wife, and/or kids. Sometimes I sit with a cup of english tea and listen to/watch sermons or podcasts from my favorite pastors or Bible teachers.. 

    What is your favorite part about being in ministry? Regularly seeing God intervene in people's lives with the power of his Word, and experiencing His leading in our own lives.


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